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1. Electricity safety management:
(1) it is strictly prohibited to pull wires at any time and strictly prohibit overloading electricity.
(2) the installation of electrical wiring and equipment shall be held by the licensed electrician.
(3) the power supply should be closed after all departments are off duty.
(4) prohibit the use of private electric heating rods, electric stoves and other high-power electrical appliances.
2. Fire safety management:
(1) strictly enforcing the system of fire and approval, and when the operation is required, the operating units should apply to the management department of the fire fighting department to apply for "fire license".
(2) before the firing operation, the inflammable and explosive dangerous articles in the area of 5 meters near the ignition point should be removed or appropriate safety isolation, and the appropriate type and quantity of the fire extinguishing equipment should be kept in reserve at any time to the Defense Department, and the operation should be returned immediately after the completion of the operation. If the use should be reported, it should be reported.
(3) if the ground fire is constructed at the operating point, the manager should apply to the manager level of the unit at the operating point, and the application department should send a person to supervise the on-site inspection. The elevated fire operation, which is more than 2 meters away from the ground, must ensure that one person is fully responsible at the moment to extinguish the sparks that may ignite other objects at any time.
(4) those who did not engage in the fire permit operation were allowed to record the punishment of two times and were severely dismissed.
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