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(1) security personnel have a weak sense of safety. At present, the management mode of the vast majority of communities is property management, but from the practical results, the security work in the community is not optimistic. On the one hand, it is the absence of management measures. On the other hand, the security personnel of the community did not really pay attention to the security work of the community. The overall quality of some security guards is not high, never through systematic professional learning and training, the lack of responsibility for work, often in entry and exit records, patrol, monitoring and other aspects of execution, the responsibility for security work is not very clear, the lack of security experience and ability to carry out security.
(two) the utilization rate of equipment is low.
High tech modern security equipment requires high level of technical support and maintenance management. Although some property areas have invested a large amount of funds to install modern technical defense system, but because property managers and security staff and security lack of relevant professional basis, they are not competent for the operation and management of the technical prevention system, and the use, management and maintenance of the later system are not guaranteed, these high-tech technologies are not guaranteed. The operation prevention system has become a decoration. It has not played the role of technical prevention, and the community security has not been properly protected.
(three) low technical defense and low level of development. In the community safety precautions, the use of civil air defense and material defense is more, and the application of technical defense is less. At present, most of the residents, when considering the means of family prevention, follow the principle of "individualism", and choose the guard facilities from the angle of individual prevention, such as the passive prevention side, such as the anti-theft door, the anti-theft lock and so on. This way of prevention can only prevent criminals from breaking into the door of doors and windows in a certain period of time. They can neither alarm or transmit the alarm to the management center of the community, and can not deter and attack the criminals in time.
(four) unreasonable installation planning and serious waste of resources.
The area of the community is relatively wide. To monitor all parts of the community, we need to plan and design the location and quantity of the cameras reasonably. In the actual installation process of the camera, it is too densely installed in some key areas and neglected some areas, which makes the monitoring range "dead angle" and "blind area". The monitoring scope fails to realize the comprehensive coverage of the community, which makes some monitoring resources wasted and the qualitative role is not played out.
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