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1, in the case of analysis against heavy odds surrounding geographical environment, choose safe behind terrain, such as back to the wall, buildings and so on; tactical principle is fast, accurate and relentless, NRK; much less do boxing footwork, wrestling, try not to do the ground motion.
2, in the corridor, street fighting: at this time, the site is long and narrow, limited action, should make full use of the corner, exit and other favorable conditions, a combat in combat; the fist, leg straight against gangsters, little swing, sweep the leg, so as to avoid the narrow terrain effects play.
3, in the hotel, the pub: fighting behind the very alert, observant and alert, pay attention to the tables and chairs;, impede leg activity, can use upper limb movements can be used for fighting; tables and chairs do cover for the barrier, and took the opportunity to throw bowls, plates, bottles attack criminals.
4, when fighting on a bus: there are few people in the car, so we must use elbow and knee methods to fight and catch up first. We should fully mobilize the masses in the car to fight together.
5, in the wide area of the fighting: the field is larger, the flow of personnel is little, the method of combination of virtual and real work can be used when fighting, and the fight and foot are corresponding, and the method is fully coordinated. The tactical principle is refers to the east to the west, decisive attack; and local, such as stone, brick and other hit criminals.
6, in the high slope of stones and the fighting: should occupy the commanding height, from the top down, kick foot gangsters, available stones, foot shovel attack criminals, identify the timing, can jump from the collision.
7, night fighting with gangsters: greater risk, special attention should be paid to back to the source; because as in bad, do not try to win the hand can be used the weapon; punch, side kick and other tactics, on the long-term impact; and lower position, and more dark Dodge, in order to observe the.
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