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First, arrange patrol members reasonably and maintain the traffic order around the school. School students in two time periods of school, kindergarten school, garden work, combined with the reality of campus, reasonable arrangements for personnel on duty, strengthen traffic grooming, cleaning up the mess to stop, put the vehicle, at the same time to increase campus patrols, for students and teachers to the safety of travel to create a good living environment.
Two, with the school staff and do safety inspection, to prevent the Xianzarenyuan into the campus. We should urge and cooperate with the school to do a good job of checking and checking the import and export personnel, and register the persons in and out seriously. At the same time to prevent the students into the school personnel carrying knives and other dangerous items into the school, once discovered, should be promptly and properly handle the relationship of school leaders.
Three, make great efforts to investigate hidden dangers and eliminate hidden dangers. We should make great efforts and take more effective measures to investigate all kinds of security risks involved in schools and kindergartens and find out the weak links in depth. In particular, the kindergarten should be checked to ensure that the corner is not left and the blind spot is not left. In order to detect hidden dangers, we should timely put forward rectification suggestions for school authorities, cooperate with the school to discover a hidden danger and eliminate a hidden danger, so that criminals cannot start their children.
Four, increase the patrol in the campus, and keep high vigilance at all times. In the process of security guards to patrol helmets, holding batons, according to the requirements of company, actively involved in the school security work. Security guards should be vigilant and strengthen patrols density in and around the school, wandering in the vicinity of the school staff, suspicious appearance and movements to focus on monitoring, to ensure that criminals can not close to the school, and the campus security work carried out.
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