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Prevent unauthorized personnel and vehicles from entering the service scope according to the regulations.
The personnel, vehicles and articles carried and loaded are checked and checked according to the regulations.
Perform general tasks, can be worn and used rubber batons and other non lethal defense equipment of the executive escort mission, according to the need, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the Ministry of public security, equipped with the necessary weapons and equipment;
(4) the person who violates the perpetrator of public security administration has the right to dissuade, stop and criticize the education, and the plot is seriously sent to the public security organ of the place where it is located.
(5) for murder, arson, robbery, theft and other existing criminals have the right to capture, sent to the public security organs, to commit murder, revenge, have the right to self-defense;
(6) to protect the scene, preserve evidence and maintain order at the scene of criminal cases and public security cases.
(7) according to the contract stipulations, we should conduct safety inspection to customer units, assist clients to formulate rules and regulations concerning safety precautions, and put forward suggestions and rectification suggestions.
(8) have the right to reflect the situation of security and prevention to the public security organs, provide information about crimes, cooperate with and support the public security organs and other law enforcement departments to execute their duties one by one.
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