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With the development of society, criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated. Therefore, whether you are a young, a woman, an old man or a child, it is necessary to keep an eye on your safety. Inside the bodyguard to provide some useful suggestions for you, to help you protect yourself and your family and friends around, live more safely in their own world.
Usually, people are equipped with necessary medicines and fire extinguishers at home. Most people also pay attention to closing doors and windows and gas pipes. If there is an accident, we can also call a call for help.
One: if a girl rents in a house alone, one or two men's clothes can be hung out in the aisle or outside the window.
Two: small oxygen bottles are sold in the plateau area (used to respond to the plateau reaction), and can be equipped with a few bottles at home or in the car. These oxygen bottles can save your life when a fire or a car falls into the water.
Three: some safety experts advise not to put cutting tools at home. In fact, this is not necessarily reasonable. If you face a gangster, you have a knife in your hand and the determination to show a fight can cause great psychological pressure on the other person.
Four: don't hang the key on the door. The key should be hidden in a secret place in the living room. Even if you encounter a crime of entering a room, a locked door may save you a life or stick to the next step.
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