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1. to find a problem at the point of connection. The security service process in Ji'nan is linked together, and there are many departments and departments, or between employees and employees. Once there is a deviation in coordination and coordination, it is easy to make a problem with the combination point. For example, the shift in the handover of the work, the Ji'nan security department and other departments of a problem, and to prevent the Department of human technology department to consider planning perspective and convergence problems etc..
2. to find problems in the process of implementation. Sometimes the process of work implementation is the process of problem solving. Ji'nan security management, we should focus on the realization of target, there should also focus on planning, organization, implementation, inspection, summary link problems in each link to do, do fine, strict requirements, in order to achieve the goal of the process as the process of problem solving.
3. to find problems in the face of success. As an important activity in Ji'nan security or technology project is completed well, some employees may easily lead to big with pride emotions, even relaxed the requirements of their own, resulting in some accident. The security manager of Ji'nan should maintain a sober mind, summon the staff to strengthen the summary, and deeply excavate and solve some weak and small problems.
4. to find problems in the key parts. The security manager of Ji'nan should be good at catching the key, including key links, key employees and so on. Because of the problem, the whole Ji'nan security enterprise or the Department image will be damaged. For example, a large Ji'nan security problem in the most vulnerable of the key links in which to field reconnaissance and risk assessment. In the work of the guard, what special requirements for the place, the line and the vehicle are required, and the appropriate arrangements should be made in advance.