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1, the principle of safeguarding state sovereignty and security. State sovereignty is the supreme power of a state to deal with its internal affairs and foreign affairs independently. The main content is that all people and things in one country have the right to enforce the jurisdiction in accordance with their own laws.
2, the principle of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and foreign citizens. The object of foreign security is Chinese citizens and foreign citizens. The Chinese government is required to protect their legitimate rights and interests according to law while they are required to comply with the laws of the country and fulfill their legal obligations.
3, the principle of managing and convenient in accordance with the law. Managing according to law is an important principle that foreign security service centers must abide by. In view of the particularity of the objects and tasks of foreign-related security services, it is of great importance to manage according to law.
4, strictly abide by the principles of international treaties. International treaties are written agreements between countries all over the world on the aspects of politics, economy and culture, which stipulate mutual rights and obligations. In dealing with foreign-related security affairs, we shall safeguard our sovereignty, security and interests in accordance with the provisions of our laws.
5, conscientiously abide by the principles of the general principles of foreign affairs. The so-called general principles of foreign affairs refer to the basic principles of international practice that Chinese people should abide by and apply to foreigners when they are in contact with foreigners. These general principles of foreign affairs include maintaining image, doing in Rome as the Romans do, respecting privacy and protecting public property.
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