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Law is the embodiment of the will of the state. It is the sum of the universal norms of conduct that are formulated or recognized by the state and guaranteed by the state's coercive force. Beijing security company organized security personnel to learn legal knowledge, so as to protect their rights and interests in order to protect their rights and interests.
Professional law is the basis and mandatory criterion for adjusting the relationship between occupations and their professional and social relations. The law of security occupation should solve the following problems in terms of professionalization so as to provide security for the professionalization of security guards.
First, to clarify the legal status of security personnel, as a special professional personnel related to social security can not be similar to the general service industry, there should be specific rights and obligations.
The two is to define the responsibilities of security personnel. The general industry personnel are only responsible for their own customers, responsible for products, and security personnel must have some social responsibilities.
Three to clarify the functions and powers of the security guards. Authority is the guarantee of performing duties. Otherwise, the security personnel will not be able to guarantee the quality of security services if they are not responsible. Four, we should make clear the occupational protection measures and give legal protection to the social risks of this particular occupation.
Security company laws and regulations are basic standards for security responsibilities. The professionalism of security is also important, including moral standards that all security personnel should learn and strive for.