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We go to mobile telecom Unicom or even the bank to deal with the business of the know that many of their service posts have star rating, that is, according to the nature of the job requirements for different assessment requirements, grading different grades. In fact, the management of our security squadron can also be carried out to a large extent by star rating, and the star grade allowance, free training, promotion and so on are issued according to the star standard. The implementation of this measure is not to force the security guards to open up, but to break the distribution of "big pot" pattern, and encourage the players to improve their self quality according to the star rating standard.
According to the requirements of the post, the "star rating standard for security officers" can be set up for different awards for different stars, such as the one star rated security officer can receive star subsidy; two star security guards can also take part in the free skill training of the company in addition to the star subsidy, and the three-star security guard is in the above basis. On the basis of it, it can also enhance the position and prepare for the management of the company. On the one hand, we can make the security personnel diversify their work and improve the incentive mechanism of the team, and make the whole security team in a healthy competitive state. Through their own efforts and the platform of company and customer units, the security team will enter a working environment with stable work and a higher income. The allocation of labor dispatch personnel in client units is simplified, saving costs, improving operability and efficiency.
The implementation of star rating should break the limitations of the single recommendation in the past, and carry out quantitative evaluation according to the combination of personal recommendation, squadron recommendation, service unit approval, company evaluation and so on. The star evaluation of the security guards is evaluated once a year. At ordinary times, the Assessment Manager at all levels can collect information on the work situation and personal performance of the assessed security guards, extract the common and characteristic evaluation indexes from the post, and fully combine the self recommendation conditions of the assessment and security officers, and organize special persons by organizing special persons. On the basis of field understanding and communication, a comprehensive comparison is made to make final assessment results and deposit personal assessment files as basis for annual assessment analysis.
When implementing the star standard, we should pay attention to the star rating is not fixed, but can be up and down. The individual who has not continuously rated the star security guard will automatically reduce the star grade until the star grade is cancelled, and the security officers who have violated the rules and regulations are directly cancelled or dismissals, so as to promote the self-improvement and service consciousness of the security guards.
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