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Through the analysis of recent customers' calls and consultation, 2/3 of the customers are very vague about the true meaning of the bodyguard concept. Often heard such a question is: "are you a real bodyguard company? See your website is very standard, very professional, but how do you know that you are a real bodyguard? Facing the customer's blankly attitude, standing on the customer's point of view, I understand their mood very much, and also want to give some professional knowledge to share, In order to define the customer, what is the real bodyguard? At present, there are not many bodyguards in the country. Because this is a great and easily misunderstood industry.
The real bodyguard doesn't have much to say: "because a good bodyguard needs a wide range of knowledge, professional skills, a good mind, a good image, a healthy body and mind, a good personality, and a cruel physical training, which is not what the average person wishes to bear or the average person can." Be able to bear it.
For a long time, people often compare bodyguards with thugs, and indeed the whole industry is very irregular, and there are some black sheep. The main reason is that some private bodyguard companies or detectives do not really understand the bodyguard, and have not been specialized in the system training, and the selection of human quality, is to meet the personal bodyguard business, the personnel engaged in the uneven quality, and what kinds of errands are connected, As a result, the word of mouth of the whole industry is different.
“当然,对于客户的选择,我们也要经过严格审核,不是什么企业都能来招聘,我们要检查企业的各种证照,调查这个企业是否合法,从事的是否是正当的经营行为,老板有无犯罪纪录等,我们也要为我们的队员负责。 ?随着社会的进步,贫富差距的悬殊,整体环境存在着显而易见的各种隐患,国际本着“遵纪守法、忠于雇主、忠于国家、永不背叛,面对困难与危险,绝不退缩的职业精神,严格要求自己,我们将用我们的生命去捍卫职业责任与荣誉,致力打造大陆首家真正意义上特种兵安全护卫机构。您的平安就是我们甘肃保镖公司全体人员的幸福与追求!
"Of course, for the choice of customers, we also have to undergo strict audit, not any enterprise can come to the recruitment, we have to check all kinds of evidence of the enterprise, investigate whether the enterprise is legitimate, whether it is legitimate business, the boss has a crime record and so on, we also have to be responsible for our players. With the progress of the society, the gap between the rich and the poor, the whole environment has obvious hidden dangers. In the international spirit of "obeying the law, being loyal to the employer, loyal to the state, never betraying, facing the difficulties and dangers, and never withdrawing, we are strictly demanding ourselves. We will defend our professional responsibility with our lives." With honor, we are committed to build the mainland's first truly special security guard. Your peace is the happiness and pursuit of all the staff of our Gansu bodyguard company.