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Principle 1: deal with problems according to the law. Security guards in their daily work, if found to have illegal and criminal incidents, can promptly notify the local police to deal with. As security guards, we can only persuade people not to use violence illegally, assault or commit other extreme acts against the parties for minor or minor violations. Security guards have no right to take over their finances and to search others.
Principle two: talk about evidence and speak with facts. In daily work, security guards should learn to observe the situation from the other side's movements, looks, expressions and other aspects, be strict with themselves, and find that they can act or suspect a crime. Do not act rashly, but to tactfully turn the suspicion into conclusive evidence. Now technology is more and more developed, many methods can help us collect evidence, such as recording, video, surveillance, photography, fingerprint detection, etc., are more convenient and feasible methods.
(1) When wearing security guards'clothes, they should wear complete hat badges, shoulder badges, armbands and other clothing and security service marks. The hat badge is worn in the middle of the hat; the shoulder badge is worn on the garment shoulder loop; the arm badge is worn on the left arm of the jacket; the security service sign is worn on the right chest of the jacket; and the security service unit sign is worn on the left chest of the jacket.
(two) a security guard dressed in civilian clothes should wear a safety service sign on the left chest of his coat.
(three) when the security personnel dress up, they should be civilized and dignified, and keep their clothes neat and clean. No smoking or drinking; No wearing a security cap, clothes, open arms, sleeves or legs; No wearing or fastening signs or articles unrelated to the identity of the security guard or the performance of his duties; No colored hair or jewelry; No male security guard may keep long hair, big temples, perm curls (except natural curls), shaved head or beard, female security guard. Safety personnel are not allowed to distribute, wear heavy makeup, dye fingernails, and wear colorful leg tights.
(four) security personnel's clothing should not be mixed with casual clothes.
(five) security guards should not wear safety guard clothing during the period of non service.
(six) two or more security personnel should be orderly and dignified when they wear their clothes on duty or when they go out.
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