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1, gate post dereliction of duty
Mengang is a very important post in the community. Security guards should not only maintain the traffic order at the gates, guide the vehicles and pedestrians, ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, but also strictly control the control of foreign and temporary vehicles. They should also do a good job of daily vigilance to ensure the security of the community.
But at present, most of the security work has not implemented effective control over the gates and posts, and some irresponsible security guards have not effectively controlled the foreign personnel, have not checked and registered, have not carried out the release of goods in accordance with the provisions, and do not communicate with the owners in place, and do not timely report the problems reflected by the owners, which is extremely irresponsible for the work. The consequences are very serious.
The dereliction of duty will affect the safety management and service quality of the whole residential area, resulting in the residential building advertising color pages everywhere, elevator hall scribbled, protective mesh, air-conditioning perforation, air-conditioning outside the machine did not meet the requirements of the installation, the installation of balcony feeding not confirmed by the Ministry of Engineering release quantity can not be verified, non-motor vehicles into the residential area. The rubbish is not placed in a designated place.
2, inadequate staffing
Because of the tension of the staff, the security personnel often get tired after work overtime. The duty of security guards is to protect the safety of customers, maintain the normal order of service areas, public security and criminal cases occurring in the service areas, protect the scene, maintain the order of the scene, stop the present illegal and criminal acts, do a good job of fire prevention, theft prevention, accident prevention and other security guards, it is easy for security guards to sleep on guard. Loopholes in monitoring result in loss of property in service area.
3, managers slack off
As a leader in security work, managers play a supervisory and leading role. Lack of management will lead to a straight decline in the quality of security work, resulting in more layoffs and sleeping posts. The slack of managers will also cause a disorderly team morale.
Two, problem analysis:
1、保安新队员较多,素质参差不齐,人员流失率较大,保安的人员基础差, 造成了保安人员纪律散漫,工作态度不积极,责任心不强,执行力度不够等问题。
1. There are many new security guards with uneven quality, high turnover rate and poor security personnel foundation, which lead to such problems as loose discipline, inactive work attitude, weak sense of responsibility and inadequate enforcement.
2. Security personnel lack of service etiquette and appearance, numbness of expression, rigid response to some emergencies slow.
3. The phenomenon of random parking at the entrance of the residential area is serious. Although the security guards parked and guided the vehicles, some of the decorated vehicles still refused to listen to the advice and parked in disorder. As a result, the entrance section of the road is often blocked, and the conflicts between the security guards and the owners of the vehicles can not be completely resolved by the police station.
4. With the increase of owners, the parking space in the residential area has become increasingly tense, which can not meet the owners'parking needs. Some owners often parked their vehicles in fire passages, resulting in potential safety hazards. Parking monitoring facilities are paralyzed. Once the vehicles are wiped, it is difficult for property companies to divide responsibilities.
5. Safety facilities (such as surveillance, fire protection, infrared and so on) are paralyzed (can not be used normally), public safety in the community can only rely on civil air defense, safety management has increased a lot of difficulty.
6. Security Department managers are not strong in sense of responsibility, loose in discipline, management loopholes, inspection work is not in place, implementation is not strong enough.
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