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(1) comprehensiveness and difficulty in management.
For example, in some large commercial property areas, property security management area is very large, and the building area is also very large, so many residential areas will have some commercial services and other profitable properties, such as supermarkets, restaurants and so on, so that not only let our residential flow is large. And the personnel are also very complex, which also brings difficulties to our security services.
(two) strong service
From the content of property security services, to provide security for our owners belongs to the scope of our service, so we must be in line with the "service first, customer first" principle of service, both the vigilance of public security personnel, but also adhere to our own principles;

(three) high quality requirements
As an important functional department of the management of the community, property security personnel quality requirements are very high, not only require our staff to have a higher ideological awareness, but also to know, understand and use the law, not only to adhere to the principles, we must also pay attention to the method and art of dealing with problems;
Above is the Shanghai Security Company, summed up for us all a few property security service forms and service characteristics, our security personnel only familiar with the mastery of these characteristics, we can better serve our owners.