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1. Security service is a window of customer service, which requires the security personnel on duty to pay attention to their appearance and maintain a good job image. The manner is affable, dignified, natural, enthusiastic, generous.
2. Security personnel on duty should wear prescribed uniforms on duty, which are standard, clean, neat and straightforward; uniform buttons should be all buttoned up, sleeves and ties must be straightened, armed bands tightened, chest cards worn in front of the chest; gloves should be worn on duty; jewelry should not be worn at all.
3. The service language of security personnel on duty is standardized, friendly and clear-spoken; when receiving users or visitors, they should be polite, service with a smile and use honorific words.
4. Security duty patrol, good posture, refreshing spirit, raise your head and chest, walk lightly, action skillful, fast, natural, flexible response, military temperament; attitude should be sincere and enthusiastic.
5. Security guards should not put their hands on their waists, cross their chest, insert their trousers pockets or put them randomly. They should not scratch their heads, scratch their itches, dig their ears or pick their nostrils in front of owners or customers. They should not bend their backs, lean forward or backward, or stretch their legs. They should not smoke or eat snacks. They should not hum, whistle or stomp their feet. They should spit and litter everywhere; they should not hold anything under their armpits; they should not knock on tables and chairs or play with other things.
6. When sitting on guard, you must sit upright. You should sit flat on the chair, be dignified and generous, and look ahead with your eyes. You must not lean over or lie on the table.
7. pay attention to checking and maintaining meters on duty. Dress neatly, neat and decent, but must not dress personal clothes in public.
8. When security personnel are on duty, they should be active and enthusiastic, play a role of smiling service, pass on respect to each other through sincere smiles, create a good working atmosphere, and shape the image of the enterprise.