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I. Clear Priority and Rational Mobilization
The mobilization of key security guards and ordinary security guards must be carried out in a planned manner in strict accordance with the company's personnel system. Security guards shoulder the responsibility of the safety of customer units. Their mobilization should proceed from the overall interests and take into account the interests of customer units. For example, when mobilizing security guards with good working attitude and strong business ability, they should be transferred from units with poor conditions to units with good conditions to show encouragement; because of customer complaints or violations of post discipline. Team members who need to be transferred regularly should be transferred to units with poor conditions to warn them.
2. Strengthen strengths, avoid weaknesses and develop potential
As the saying goes, "The size is longer, the inch is shorter." Security guards come from all over the country, and their qualities are uneven. Different positions of client units require different qualities of team members. Therefore, according to the quality of security guards, they should be arranged in appropriate positions so as to give full play to their personal advantages and make them better. To serve customers. If the professional skills are poor or new team members are assigned to simple jobs, let them gradually adapt to and become familiar with security work. Therefore, reasonable allocation of security personnel is conducive to the smooth development of security management.
3. Work-oriented and Life-oriented
When mobilizing, we should focus on our work, take into account their life problems, and care for and care for our team members. In real life, we often encounter such problems as: if the new team members just come out of their homes and the living expenses are not much, they should be allocated to the guard points which are packed and eaten, so that they can work safely without worrying about food and clothing; the living problems of married security guards and the fact that the security guards with family difficulties yearn for more overtime guard points, etc. International problems, such as failing to deal with these problems, are likely to cause instability in the minds of team members, uneasy work, or even blindly quit their jobs in a fit of anger, thus affecting the stability of the team.
IV. People-oriented and customer-oriented
Security mobilization is not only related to the interests of security guards themselves, but also to the interests of customer units. When mobilizing security guards, we should do a good job of ideological work to enable them to cooperate actively. At the same time, before mobilization, we should seek the opinions of the client units and get the understanding and support of the client units as far as possible, so as to further improve the quality of service and ensure the safety of the client units.
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