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1, professional service team management: according to the company's development scale, gathered a large number of professionals, especially property, commercial and residential, hotel management and service organization involves large temporary management personnel, to strictly fulfill, involving the development of security service service program service project.
2, with good training management system and supervision mechanism: training the backbone of intensive training, on-the-job training, new employees into the company combining theory with practice training, develop professional plan and assessment, make all kinds of security service personnel training rate of 100% professional posts.
3, in the same industry, the security loss rate is the lowest, basically kept at about 3--5%, the security company has a long-term fixed labor cooperation partner.
4、具有超前的服务理念:公司长期从事保安服务行业,再管理各类保安服务领域进行不懈的探索,主动借鉴国际国内先进的服务理念,不断学习总结,同时结合 各地的传统风俗和不同用户的需求特点,寻求各类保安服务佳的管理方式。通过学习国内外先进的服务理念与保安管理模式,与自身具体工作实践相结合,取得了 良好结果。
4, with advanced service concept: the company has long been engaged in the security industry, the unremitting exploration and management of all kinds of security services, take the initiative to learn from domestic and international advanced service concept, continuous learning summary, combined with the traditional customs and the different needs of the user's characteristics, seeking the best way to manage all kinds of security service. By studying the advanced service concept and security management mode at home and abroad, and combining with its own specific work practice, good results have been obtained.
5, rich management experience and similar security service projects. At present, management projects include business, office, production and living residential area security services.