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Escort staff capacity, to guard against various emergencies that may occur at any time, in this state of tension, high load guards every day, psychological violence prone to anxiety, fatigue or safety consciousness, psychological pressure is very large.
It is important for the working attitude, the attitude is not good, the mood is not stable, threw himself into the work. Supercargo should pay more attention to rest, feelings of irritability, to ensure the quality of your sleep. I usually take the extraction method is chatting with friends, or report to the superior leadership thinking, good communication, timely adjustment of attitude.
All kinds of recreational activities in the organization of the company, or find their own love sports entertainment, such as playing basketball, playing cards, to reduce their work pressure. 3 is in the working conditions permit, to set aside one day, with colleagues or friends go out to play, to work, to play one day, the release of pressure or mood irritability, mind will be much better, this is my work secret.
A, I suggest. And multiple thinking. When I encountered setbacks in life and work, I will be to give up yourself, tell yourself "is a blessing in disguise, is behind the good luck good luck", "pay the effort will have a harvest."
Two, timely education, enhance the strength of hard work will inevitably encounter some obstacles, frustration is often due to the lack of experience and ability to work. So I'm going to supplement my battery with your spare time, to learn business skills, knowledge and learning psychological knowledge; reading biographies learning, they are not afraid of difficulties and setbacks. The brave and noble qualities
Three, proper exercise. Exercise can vent long-term backlog in the hearts of grievances, not only help you sleep, help the body health, but also easily lead to good mood, make yourself to a new and dynamic state. I often play basketball, jogging, bike riding and so on. The four is to strengthen communication, say the heart difficult. Usually get along with relatives, friends, colleagues, and solve the problems in time, to talk, to seek spiritual solace and help regain confidence. The five is to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Always smile to myself, let everyone have a sense of humor, appropriate jokes can not only improve interpersonal relationship, but also improve the work efficiency.
Yayunyuan must gradually form a good rest time, Zaoshuizaoqi do not stay up late, drink, etc.. In addition, in his spare time just the amount of physical activity, do outdoor sports, such as cycling, swimming, playing, etc., and enhance physical fitness can relieve psychological stress, attitude adjustment, helps to maintain good working condition.
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