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1. It is found that the emergency events are all the first responsible persons. The event is not completed and the site manager is not allowed to leave the process without the permission of the site manager.
2, it is found that emergency events must be reported according to the procedures, and in strict accordance with the command of the field manager, no emergency handling is allowed to avoid any other adverse events due to improper handling.
3, find non service range events, can not refuse to deal with, should keep good attitude, report by layer by layer, wait for processing.
4. The participants in the event always maintain a good attitude to deal with the events, and they may not be in any positive attitude, such as quarrels, insults, irony and avoidance.
In order to further improve the work of handling emergencies, and properly handle all kinds of accidents and liability disputes, it risks early detection, early reporting, early prevention, early treatment, to minimize the risk and loss procedures, to ensure the safety of personnel, reduce the number of complaints and disputes, order maintenance work orderly and healthy development.
Following the management principles and working requirements of order maintenance, we should take precautions as priority, hierarchical control, quick response, responsibility to people, and bring contingency plans for responsibilities and disputes into a standardized and legal track. The scope includes: responsibility dispute, technical dispute, service dispute.
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