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In our team, there are also some skipper, who can not correctly handle their rights in the hands of their own position, can not get the support and love of the players. There is no persuasiveness and no prestige in the team. Even some of the captains were complained and reported by the players, and they were eventually removed and dismissed. A prominent feature of such a captain is that it is good for it, and there are difficulties, self - interest, lack of mind and ability.
One is the struggle and players. To work overtime first, to pick the rest of the team to the players, the whole class players did not add more to him. Forget your responsibilities and responsibilities and responsibilities of your team. You have only your own interests, no company interests and team members' interests.
The two is to compete with the players. All the glory of their own, all the flowers, all the credit to themselves fishing, encounter problems, need time, people immediately bear back, push up, a long face, none of my business "lack of play.
Three is the rivalry with the team. In front of the leadership and the leadership of the bragging biaogong, showing unusual relationship in front of the players, the team and the leadership is not to say a word, otherwise, will suppress, in front of the leading members of the "black".
Four is the corruption and degeneration. Greedy players, overtime, meals, all kinds of subsidies, handling the "ghost skin", from his hand over the money "skinny" lap; corruption unit, false impersonator attendance, overtime, allowance for himself
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