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1.保安公司介绍,要合理布置保安力量。根据营业场所面积大小,所处位置的复杂程度, 每天营业时间接触营业室人员的多少,以及已发生问题的具体时间、部位,合理投放保安力量。较为复杂的营业场所, 通常可以考虑在门卫设一至二人, 在营业柜台前设一人维持秩序,有时还可设一名游动哨,巡逻观察,与其他部位的保安人员随时配合处置一些突发情况。
1. security company introduced, the security force should be properly arranged. According to the size of the business area, the complexity of the location, the number of people in the business hours and the specific time and location of the problems that happen, we should put the security force into practice. A more complex business place can usually consider one to two persons in the doorway, and one person to maintain order in front of the business counter. Sometimes a swimming post can be set up to patrol and observe, and cooperate with other security personnel to deal with some unexpected situations at any time.
2.要做好损伤币和有价证券销毁的保卫工作。破碎时,保安员要阻止无关人员进入现场,操作现场、操作间必须安装摄像机进行全过程监视。损伤币和有价证券如需运到造纸厂化浆销毁时, 保安员要严密警戒销毁现场, 严禁无关人员入内。化浆销毁须经技术人员检验符合销毁要求后,保安员方可撤离现场。
2. we should do a good job of defending the damaged currency and the destruction of the negotiable securities. During the breakage, the security guard must prevent the unrelated personnel from entering the scene. The operation site and the operation room must be installed with the camera to monitor the whole process. When the damaged currency and the negotiable securities are transported to the pulp and paper mill, the security guards should strictly guard the site and strictly prohibit the unrelated personnel from entering. After the destruction of the pulp must be inspected by the technical personnel, the security officer may leave the site.
3. the security company stated that the security guards should recommend the business department to establish a sound security system. Work to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of the operating room, to see if there is leakage of cash and other valuables left in the lock or desk, on the ground; check the doors and windows are locked, the circuit is closed.
4. the security officers should suggest that the leadership of the business place make a plan for anti-theft and robbery, establish a public security network, and do a good joint defense with the adjacent departments and police stations.
5.保安公司概述,建议客户按照国家有关管理规定和技防标准, 安装联网报警和物防装置,门、柜台、金库按照规定设置。 报警开关应隐蔽地安装在营业员便于触及的位置;有条件的营业所还应安装电 视监控系统,以便随时监视、发现、拍 摄犯罪嫌疑人的活动;营业人员应配备自卫器材, 营业室应配备消防器材。
Overview of the 5. security companies, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Administration of customer suggestions and technical standards, installation and anti alarm device, door, counter, in accordance with the provisions set. The alarm switch should be installed in the hidden salesperson convenient place; with the requirements of the business should also be installed TV monitoring system, to monitor, find and photograph the activities of the criminal suspects; operating personnel should be equipped with self-defense equipment, operating room should be equipped with fire fighting equipment.
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