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1. installation is convenient
The electronic monitoring is installed on the whole layout. Although the amount of construction is large, the construction period is not cumbersome. As long as we are familiar with the monitoring sites ahead of time, we should know where the monitoring blind spots are, and find the right monitoring points on this basis. Of course, the need to remind the monitoring installation is convenient, must be set up on the monitor to find a professional installation company, or a comprehensive security company, only professionals can ensure the completion of the installation of monitoring in the effective time, monitoring operation and management to achieve the ideal.
2. simple supervision and management
電子監控管理方式簡單,相比于傳統的人力管理,采用電子管理可以很大程度上降低人員投入,只需要部分保安管理就可 以,如一些保安留在中央管理監控室內,一部分出去巡邏,兩個隊伍通過對講機實現連接,由中央管理室內的保安們指導巡邏保安檢查哪些比較可能出問題的地方,這種監控方式簡單方便,為物業保安管理這塊的投資節省了不少費用。

威海保安服务Electronic monitoring and management mode is simple, compared to the traditional human resource management, electronic management can greatly reduce staff input, only part of the security management can be, as some security in the central control room management, part of the two patrol team, connected by radio, by the central management of indoor security guards patrol Guide check what more could go wrong, this kind of method is simple and convenient, save a lot of cost for the security of property management of this investment.
3. large amount of information storage
With the continuous improvement of technology level, electronic monitoring technology has been greatly improved, for example, the collection of electronic video camera is more clear, and the storage of information in surveillance video is also increasing.
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