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1, the huge escort. Whether the escort of valuables or cash escort is usually large quantity and high value. Once there is a problem, the loss is serious.
2, the escort process links. The security officer, whether to escort the goods or to escort the cash, must pass through a number of links, such as outgoing, loading, transporting, unloading and transferring, and the work of each link is negligent, which may cause errors, breakages and safety issues.
3, the escort business risk. Escort precious materials or cash target, often become the main target of attack criminals. The risk of illegal operations and escort escort of dangerous goods in itself, may lead to major accidents occurred. Generally, there are certain rules in the city's escort. The time and route are relatively fixed, which objectively provides opportunities for criminals to premeditate crime. The security guards in escorting, fighting alone, may encounter a variety of emergency accidents at any time.
4, the impact of the case is great. Once the security escort items were cases, significant social impact, directly affect people's sense of security.
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