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There are a lot of problems accumulated in the work of security training. Some policy-makers and managers of some security enterprises have not paid enough attention to the training work due to their habit of thinking for many years. The main features are as follows:
(1) it is considered that training is "consumption", and the training department is the Department that spends money. Some security enterprises can not provide the necessary training funds and standardized internal training. Some enterprises do not have the correct view of human resources, re introduce and develop the needed talents, reclaim the existing talents and cultivate them lightly.
(two) training departments and trainers lack economic awareness and corresponding measures, resulting in ineffective or inefficient training. Training workers are unable to grasp the main needs of business operations and provide training services in a timely manner, resulting in inefficiency in training and low efficiency in training.
(three) the training courses and training methods are not based on the analysis of business management and management, the training courses are not scientific and standardized, the training means and facilities are backward, and the training management is extensive.
(four) lack of innovation in human resources development and staff training mode in enterprises, and not keeping pace with the times. We should not give full play to the explicit and implicit benefits of training, so as to achieve the benefit of training.
Even those security companies that attach importance to training have many problems. The training lacks systematic planning, the training of view style, impromptu style and fashion type is more, the training of the target is few; the training object lacks the targeted selection; the training content is single, there is no standard textbook; the training form is backward, the "fill duck" training, the training instructor's team have not been established.
Three, the positive significance of building a security vocational training system.
At this stage, there is an urgent need for security training. The security team has high turnover rate and unstable team. It needs to guide the staff to carry on career planning; the security team has low professionalization, low service skills, low scientific and technological level, low customer satisfaction, and needs professional ethics and professional skills training. The training of industry culture, the opening and the competitiveness of the market put forward higher demand for the use of people, and need the training of management ability and marketing ability; the new situation of crisis public relations and tender and tender needs special ability training.
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