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1, fixed Sentinel
It is appropriate to assign a suitable number of Weihai security personnel to guard the security units in a fixed position. This kind of post is usually set up in the main road and entrance of the guardians, such as the import and export of the factory, the entrance and exit of the goods, the entrance of the car, the outlet of the car, the warehouse, the important secret and the parts of the equipment, which effectively control the entry and exit of the personnel and vehicles, prevent the illegal offenders from mixing, and prevent the human destruction and natural disasters. It happened. Security guards at fixed posts must be familiar with the terrain, environment and characteristics of the operating area, conscientiously perform the duties of entry and exit procedures and verification systems, understand the nature of the precautions and safety equipment and use methods, and keep the connection uninterrupted.
2. Mobile whistle
Mobile whistles also refer to patrol posts. In order to make up the shortage of fixed sentinel, Weihai security company, in order to make up the shortage of fixed sentinel, carries out patrols and guardians in the factory area, especially in holidays and nighttime weather, and when the social security situation is complex, the Weihai security guard of the mobile post should strengthen the patrol and guardianship, and meet the fire danger or other dangerous situation to be excluded; The present abnormal situation is reported to the security department in time; it is found that the criminal or suspicious personnel should check and inquire seriously, and should be sent to the public security organs or the security departments when necessary.
3. A lookout whistle
According to the specific situation in the unit, the Weihai Security Council set up a lookout sentinel for the convenience of inspection and observation, and lookout and monitor the guardians or areas to ensure the security of the guardians. Since the post is far away, corresponding communication tools and equipment should also be provided to ensure timely detection of problems and corresponding disposal.
Through these three sentinels, Weihai security guards can provide good security for the resident units, which can not only effectively intercept the illegal elements at the entrance and exit, but also reduce the accident in the units or in the community. It is also possible to strengthen security in the area through the Weihai security guards of the mobile whistle, so as to avoid a safe corner.