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One, in dress, security should pay attention to a few points: in addition to unsuitable or not required clothes, in the working time must be the security uniform, the private outings should be casual; when the security uniform, the security marks should be worn according to the regulations; male security guards do not leave long hair, big temples and beard, female security guards braid only shoulder; Hair dyed nails, no heavy makeup, wear jewelry.
Two. In the field of post discipline, security must abide by the rules and regulations within the property unit, do not inquire, record and disseminate the owner's life freely; without permission, the owner's articles and the gifts given by the owner are not allowed.
Three, in the manner of behavior, the property security will also use the standard professional language, including Hello, please, please tell, please wait a minute, please show your certificate, please stop the car, please register, ask who you look for, sorry, sorry, thank you, goodbye and so on.
Four, specifically, according to the different positions of property security, their professional etiquette requirements are also different.
1, doorman: arrive on duty on time, change post after handover, stick to the post without leaving post. Keep your personal appearance neat and clean. Attention should be paid to the entry and exit of the observation personnel, and should be asked promptly, but the tone should be polite.
2, Patrol: find the owner, the user in the property use, in the process of property use, the process of decoration in violation of the relevant provisions of the state and the city and the owners of the temporary convention, proprietor conventions, to be politely discouraged, stop, to dissuade, stop invalid, timely report of the community manager.
3, car tube: courteous persuasion and rectification of the owners who violate the parking regulations; notice that the car windows and doors are not closed, oil leaking, leakage and so on in time to notify the owners; the fees for parking of the vehicles in the residential quarters are charged according to the provisions or contracts, and the regular bills will not be charged.
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