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1. A strong sense of justice, a sense of responsibility as a security service, first of all, should be an example of the implementation of the law, daily operations and in Japan to do everywhere to understand the law, comply with the law, the law, safeguard citizens, serve the citizens, severely punish evil, justice; it must not have courage and courage, not afraid of sacrifice, the noble moral integrity of the law and Professional ethics and manners, and strive to be impact crimes, to protect the interests of the country, groups and citizens of the model, truly become the citizens of the masses of respect and respect for the guard.
2. Appropriate tactics, easy to control the enemy as a security service, select all the techniques that can be used to suppress the vicious and brutal suspects, and fight with the villains unarmed or armed, your life is at risk at any time, in order to maintain themselves, subdue the other side, smoothly reach the purpose of security, should be able to use all freely. Choose the right way to choose.
3. Precision and strength, critical strike as a security service, in the case of great threat to life, choose accurate and appropriate means to give full play to the power, with sufficient strength to impact the weak link of the bad or the key, which is the basic requirements of security services for the struggle of the enemy. In any case, there will always be gaps and weaknesses or simple damage areas. Grasp the opportunity to aim at their gap or key to give accurate and powerful offense, can be quick results, make it lose resistance ability. We must grasp the yardstick and exert ourselves according to the specific circumstances on the spot.
4. Occupy the terrain, scramble automatically sometimes, security personnel faced with vicious criminal suspects, to seize the favorable terrain, fully rely on the favorable terrain, use all the powerful conditions available to attack and defeat the bad.
5、安稳心情,削除严重作为保安服务,在作业中安稳的心思状况是十分重的环节。平常训练的好坏,除具有杰出的技术、本质和经历外,还要具有杰出的心思质量、战役意识和英勇精神。在风险情况下发生严重心思和不安稳的心情往往是不可防止的,但保安服务若过火严重,就会形成思维混乱,反应迟钝,各方面才能下降并耗费体能。如何消除严重、安稳心情,到达自控呢?这要依靠有坚决的信仰民,必胜的决心,要自我放松和操控呼吸,做重复性的动作来调理,别的还要防止思维和精力分散。 保持安稳心思状况是保安服务意志质量高的表现,保安服务要培育、锻炼出镇定、振奋、斗志昂扬、坚强勇敢、威严自如、郑重其事的等优秀质量。
5. It is a very important link to be in a stable mood and to eliminate the serious security service. In addition to outstanding skills, essence and experience, ordinary training should also have outstanding mental quality, campaign consciousness and heroic spirit. It is often unavoidable that serious mental and instability will occur in a risky situation, but if the security services go too far, it will lead to confusion, slow reaction, and all aspects of the decline and physical energy consumption. How to eliminate serious and stable mood and achieve automatic control? It relies on a strong belief in the people, determination to win, self-relaxation and control of breathing, repetitive movements to regulate, and to prevent distraction of thought and energy. Maintaining a stable state of mind is an expression of the high quality of security services. Security services should cultivate and cultivate such excellent qualities as calm, uplifting, high-spirited, strong and brave, dignified and free, and serious.
6、保存膂力,防止反抗 作为合格的保安服务,还要学会保存膂力,以逸待劳,这是是对防止膂力耗费,到达一招制敌所需的基本准则。特别是男保安在与犯罪嫌疑人奋斗时,削减剩余膂力耗费,而且由于长期反抗和可能发生的意外,从膂力上要留有余地,以便反击。
6. To preserve the strength and prevent resistance as a qualified security service, we must also learn to preserve the strength and wait for work. This is the basic criterion for preventing the wastage of the strength and reaching the enemy command. Especially when the male security guard struggles with the suspect, he cuts down on the residual medical expenditure, and because of long-term resistance and possible accidents, he has to leave room for fighting back.