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1. Requirements for Security Patrol Service: Security personnel need to patrol and police the specific areas, locations and targets designated by the work unit. The ultimate purpose of doing so is to protect the safety of customers. The purpose of doing so can have a certain deterrent effect on the lawless elements, for the lawless elements who will infringe on customers can play a certain role in preventing. In the course of patrol, if suspicious persons are found, they need to be questioned. Those who are suspected of committing crimes can be handed over to the relevant departments for handling. If the illegal infringement is happening, it should be given certain restraint, and then the illegal elements should be handed over to the public security organs or relevant departments for certain treatment.
In the process of patrol, if we find some unsafe hidden dangers, we need to deal with them in time. In particular, fires, explosions and other incidents are best able to prevent accidents. In the process of patrolling, it is better to report to the public security organs or to report to the relevant departments in a timely manner on which illegal violations or some fire accidents have occurred. In addition to the report, we need to protect the site.
2. The requirements of the guard service in the security service: In the security service, the guard service can be said to be the security service we often see. In the process of security on duty, it is necessary to guard, verify, inspect, and protect the safety of the customer's units. Generally, it is to check the certificates of entry and exit personnel, go through some registration procedures, and strive to prohibit the entry and exit of unrelated personnel.
In the door guard service, according to the customer's request, people, vehicles carrying or is the goods shipped for certain inspection, the purpose is to prevent the financial loss of customer units. The security guard should direct and guide the incoming and outgoing vehicles. It is the best result to be able to detect criminals in time and get their stolen goods.
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