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(1) the actor is subjective in terms of intent. If the perpetrator knows that his intrusion violates the intention of the obligee, or destroys the peace of other people's houses, and continues to intrude, it will constitute the crime of illegal intrusion into houses. If a person enters another person's house by mistake and withdraws immediately upon discovery, or if he has reasonable reasons to enter another person's house urgently, he shall not constitute a crime of violating the house. For example, when a fire breaks out, no one in the house can get the consent of the owner. Firefighters and security guards break into the house, which belongs to the legal emergency refuge.
(二)客观方面表现为非法闯入他人住宅,或者经要求退出而无理拒,退出他人住宅的行为。所渭非法侵入,是指不经住宅主人同意又没有法律依据,或者虽有法律依据,但不依照法定程序而强行侵入。不经住宅人同意包括两种情况:一是不经住宅主人同意,不顾主人阻止,非法强行进入;二是进入时虽经住宅主人允 许,但当主人要求退出时而无理拒不退出。
(2) The objective aspect is to break into other people's houses illegally, or to withdraw from other people's houses unreasonably upon request. The illegal invasion of Suowei refers to the forcible invasion without the consent of the owner of the house, or in spite of the legal basis, but not in accordance with the legal procedures. There are two situations without the consent of the resident: one is to enter the house illegally without the consent of the owner, regardless of the owner's obstruction; the other is to refuse to withdraw when the owner requests to withdraw, although the owner permits the entry.
The illegal invasion of houses is generally the following:
(一)为实施其他犯罪而将侵入住宅作为手段。在现实生活中,非法 侵入住宅的行为多数情况下是实施 侵犯财产罪的手段,也有的是伤害住宅内居民的身体以及其他权益的犯罪手段。闯入他人住宅是为了实施 盗窃、杀人、强奸等其他犯罪行为的, 按照重罪吸牧轻罪原则,也不再认定非法侵入住宅罪。
(1) to invade the house as a means for the implementation of other crimes. In real life, illegal intrusion into houses is mostly a means of committing crimes against property, but also a means of harming the health of residents and other rights and interests. The purpose of breaking into other people's houses is to commit other crimes such as theft, homicide and rape. According to the principle of felony, grazing and misdemeanor, the crime of illegal intrusion into houses is no longer recognized.
(two) illegal intrusion into houses due to conflicts arising from civil disputes or other disputes.
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