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1, out of the vehicle according to the rules and procedures of command release, and fill out the "vehicle registration form", and according to the command of the driver to remind the route, according to the provisions of security, parking, road parking and bus smoothly; carrying flammable, toxic, radioactive and other dangerous goods vehicles prohibited release;
2, responsible for the car parked vehicle patrol check, found the vehicle approach is damaged to the owners (drivers) pointed out, and make a record, make clear responsibility; check the parking situation, found the oil spill, Water Leakage, did not shut the door, windows, lights, shall timely notify the owners (drivers), and report the duty of leadership;
3, register and check the vehicle status in the parking lot, and carry out a 24 hour duty and time patrol system; remind the owner to lock the door when leaving, and deploy the anti-theft system to the state of alert.
4, a vehicle accident report, should immediately organize detailed information, personnel records both the accident registration number and license plate number; details, check the accident both number and license plate registration; on-site inspection of the scene of the accident hit event, and make detailed records, such as emergency treatment or repair as soon as possible. Notify the responsible person on duty;
5, received stolen vehicles after the notification, immediately notify the police on duty and leadership; check the relevant personnel records stolen car license plate, car color and brand; bring up the surveillance video, to assist the police investigation work;
6, do a good job in parking lot location, entry and exit signs and parking signs, anti-theft and anti damage equipment, garage lighting equipment, fire equipment and facilities.
7. Check whether the fire facilities of the car yard are good and effective. If there is any damage, we should report to the person on duty in time.
8. Fill in all the records carefully and keep the records intact, clean and unclean.
9. If any unexpected incident is encountered, it should be dealt with on the premise of ensuring the smooth driveway and according to the relevant regulations.
10. Charge for parking vehicles to guests according to the regulations of the company;
11, to deal with the rules of parking in violation of the parking rules.
12, when encountering other emergencies, we should take the self safety as the precondition and grasp the way of handling flexibly. If we cannot solve it, we can inform the duty leader or the superior to be there.
13. When the night shift is on duty, we should strengthen the vigilance and find out the abnormal situation. It should be prevented and reported on duty in time.