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First, some security personnel themselves do not have a correct attitude towards their negative sense of occupational safety, which is directly caused by negative thoughts of professional disrespect or disrespect.
Two, because of the limited quality of security personnel recruitment, security companies also ignore the training of security personnel, and the safety strength of public image is not strong enough for crisis public relations. Some security personnel have poor working attitude, simple and rough working methods, and also easily cause conflict between security and customers. Once the security image crisis happens, all the security companies are not at a loss, and the best time to recover from the crisis is missed. Finally, the escalation of the crisis has become a social hot event, affecting the overall image of the security organization.
Third, before the promulgation of the regulations, China's long-term lack of specific conditions for security personnel conditions, in practice, lack of security personnel condition review, safety practitioners qualification is also a mere formality. Some security companies in the recruitment of security personnel, only pay attention to age, height, physical health, educational requirements are only junior high school graduation. There are some problems in security personnel, such as low cultural quality, weak legal consciousness, loose organization and so on.
Attractive occupation, there must be a sound theoretical system of research, to carry out occupation psychology, discuss the occupation tendency, occupation and industry standards in detail, there will also be some special academic research team wrote on the work of the occupation, the occupation career planning, the president to analysis the prospects of the industry. Determine the social atmosphere of the profession and provide a positive environment for the career development.
But from the current situation, only a few scholars have studied the safety industry and safety occupation as an additional interest. Researchers have entered the alliance with low theoretical level, large scale, academic exchanges and academic discourse. In addition, for work and theoretical research, industry security and security are also very small. Only "China safety" professional journals in column and thematic planning development, research safety work. Without scientific theory to guide practice, it will play a role in the development and security of the security industry.
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