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(1) the stubbornness of the spirit of will.
The strength of a leader's will is most often reflected in its stubborniness. Many excellent characters are faced with difficulties, setbacks and failures, and are not discouraged. They overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles with perseverance and finally succeed in the road.
(2) rigidity - the decisiveness of the will.
The leader of the rigid, also will is decisive, is a person who is good at make a prompt decision, ability to promptly and resolutely determined to make decisions. The decisiveness of leaders is not only reflected in the ability to grasp the opportunity and make the right decisions quickly, but also in the ability to make decisions for themselves and stop actions at once.
Decisiveness is never arbitrary and arbitrary, based on subjective consciousness, ignoring the objective reality and its development rules, and is not the indecision which cannot seize the opportunity and grasp the opportunity. Only based on the determination of the scientific foresight of the reality and the direction of development can the rigidity of the will be embodied.
(3) resilience of the endurance of the will.
To cultivate endurance, we must have enough ability to bear the pressure from the outside world. If you can't meet the difficult problems, difficulties, and pain, you will be vulnerable to escape and surrender immediately, and there is no harm to the solution of the problem. Successful people bear hardships with great perseverance and will, and move forward step by step in hardship.
A person must have patience, to be able to properly control their emotions, as far as possible not to let the negative things, harmful emotion broke out, to win without pride, defeat is not hungry, do not put the passions in the face, not to influence others and groups of emotions, so as to make the leader's work. The strength and strength of the will is a good manifestation of the will of a leader. If the factor of one aspect is lacking, the character of the will is not complete, and it is not known as the good will of the will. As a leader, it is very necessary for us to sharpen our strength in determination, patience and persistence.
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