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1. security company introduced to see whether the public facilities in the high buildings under the jurisdiction are damaged, such as the door lock of the garbage house, the light bulb, the platform, etc.
2. often check whether there is water in a real water meter Water Leakage caused by water immersion in the case, if it occurs, you should promptly inform the security room, and solved as soon as possible.
3. check the location of the fire extinguisher, check if the fire extinguisher is overdue, or used but not in time.
4. pay attention to the cleanliness of the public area of the building, and to clean up the debris or garbage placed in the public area in time.
5. the security company stated that the fire passage of each floor should be kept unimpeded at any time and should be treated as soon as possible for the rubbish that obstructed the passageway.
Check whether the staircase and the corridor lights are damaged within 6. weeks, including the burning of light bulbs or light tubes, and the breakdown of the lampshade. If there is, it is necessary to register and deal with it in time.
7., if the elevator is damaged, it must be stopped at once. At the same time, a notice will be posted on the affected floor. Inform the security room to call the elevator company to send the maintenance as soon as possible.
8. in case of an emergency blackout or a routine blackout, the patrols shall inspect the posted notices and prepare temporary light tube lighting before the blackout for the use of the customers.
9. the security company said that all the damage information should be recorded in the log book on duty so as to be submitted to the supervisor for maintenance.