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1, establish the "three need training" system. The implementation of "pre job training will be before any necessary training and monthly training will be" education and training system, each must be not less than 5 days, the training contents include business, law, discipline and occupation morality; where the security team in reference to the captain, the company first of its former education and training in ideological style, leadership style, work style and business skills as the main content of the training, examination qualified before serving.
2. Establish a security training mechanism. In order to better promote the training of security system, there must be a complete set of management training contents, a complete and perfect security training mechanism from recruitment to employment and attendance on duty, and training for security personnel in batches, classifications and levels. The training is not qualified because of the unqualified training, and the disqualification will be disqualified.
3, the implementation of teaching by the gang. In order to "close to the actual positions, to serve the reality struggle" as training objectives, training programs, training emphasis, and according to the different positions of targeted production materials, carefully selected a group with expertise in political theory, the basic law, combat skills, service etiquette, unarmed defense and control and other aspects of the teaching faculty. At the same time, to carry out security training mode, rotating rotation.
4, to carry out the activities of learning and education. We should focus on the study of business, the training of the post, the establishment of the demonstration post and the organization. Focus on the "four ratio" activities, one is more enthusiastic. Through the development of business learning, post training and other activities, change the spirit of the security guards. Two compared to the quality of business. By carrying out the business of learning, job training activities, each guard hard work, to grasp, to promote and facilitate the work of the security services. The three is compared to the service level. By carrying out business learning and post training activities, each security guard can achieve a one minute safety time of sixty seconds and a satisfaction of sixty seconds, and continuously improve the company's popularity and trust. Four is more than legal consciousness. By carrying out business learning and post training activities, we have improved everyone's awareness of law and discipline, always keep in mind the discipline and discipline, reduce the rate of discipline violations, and prevent the occurrence of public security cases and criminal cases. Through the "four ratio", the security guards have been enhanced to love their jobs and to abide by the law.
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