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We must adhere to the principle of "putting people first", putting people's life safety above everything else and stabilizing everything. On the scene of the event to achieve timely discovery, timely control, eradication in the bud, once the outbreak of emergencies, should be resolutely disposed of, as soon as possible. The principles to be adhered to in the process of disposal are:
(1) prevention is the main task. Security guards should further strengthen their ideological and political work, and strengthen communication, communication and communication with the expensive units before the event. Grasp intelligence information, find and solve all kinds of contradictions and problems that may cause trouble in time, avoid accidents caused by carelessness or negligence.
(two) strive to eliminate emergencies. Once there are signs of emergencies, security leaders should take resolute and decisive measures. We must quickly dispatch competent personnel to arrive at the scene at the first time, and coordinate disposal. We must not let things expand and spread. And report to the relevant personnel of your unit immediately.
(three) correctly distinguish two kinds of contradictions with different nature. After the sudden incident, a class should correctly judge the nature of the events, distinguish between the two kinds of different nature of the contradictions, distinguish whether the behavior is legitimate, whether it is legitimate, and take appropriate ways to properly handle it; the other is difficult to distinguish the nature, do not rush to the qualitative, prevent the uncertainty, the improper disposal of the contradictions intensification. For a large number of emergencies, we should adhere to education, strive for the principle of most, control and focus on the key elements of the minority planning and inciting trouble, the behind the curtain, smashing and smashing elements and other serious criminals.
(four) the principle of insisting on persuading education. Do move, reason, as far as possible through education and persuasion to resolve conflicts, solve the problem.