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In a critical moment, human physiology, due to the external emergency and strong strong stimulus, produces some adverse reactions in the moment, such as the scalp numbness, the head noise, the blurred eyes, the short speech, the shortness of breath, the loss of consciousness, the stare, the trembling of the fingers, and the weakness of the body, which undoubtedly hinders the body of the bodyguard. The normal exertion of power and ability.
Only with Superman's fearless spirit, fearless and unfrightened, can we maximize the strength and ability of private bodyguards to accomplish the task effectively.
1. sensitive alert response
Alertness refers to a sensitive and rapid response of the human body to external stimuli, namely the ability to receive weak information from the outside world.
When some people go to bed when they go to bed, they sleep like death and can't move, and some people will receive and react quickly to the faint information of the outside world, such as light, sound, smell and so on. Some people take a long time from sleep to waking process (some of them are confused). We say, the latter kind of person, is very alert.
In fact, the vigilance is not only reflected in the hearing, but also in the vision, the insight, the keen insight and the "catch the wind", which is the essential quality of every bodyguard and security personnel.
2. experienced judgement of experience
The experienced experience judgment is based on the experience and experience of the bodyguard. It can fully receive and analyze the information around the surrounding information, then make the correct judgment and respond accordingly.
3. well done combat skills
Well done fighting skills are important guarantees for completing bodyguard duties.
The fighting skills of bodyguards can be divided into two parts: skill and ability. Technology refers to the content method of fighting; it refers to the ability to use these methods, also known as fighting skills. "Technique" mainly includes: one, kicking method, second, attack method, third, capture method, fourth, wrestling method, fifth, other technology which can be applied directly. "Ability" includes: one, attack ability and efficiency; second, attack ability; third, tactical deployment, including speed, strength, sensitivity, endurance, flexibility and other qualities as well as the ability to apply all kinds of technology.
The personal bodyguard's combat technique should be a practical technique, not a routine exercise and a Sanda Competition (but the routines and Sanda can be used as part of the training of the head number).
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