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The security staff strictly delineate the security staff at the time of being on duty with the owners or the visitors. The security is often communicated between the owner, the visitor, the owner and so on. The fronts keep good job relations, and retain the hat for strangers who may not be polite.
The training of security staff in interpersonal connection is generally less than that of the security staff, which causes many security staff and owners and visitors to produce arguments.
At the time of going on, the security staff should be entertained by the owner and the stranger, and use the words of invitation, you, thank you, and shame. So the owner feels friendly to him, and in the time of consulting a number of owners and visitors, it is necessary to keep a warm reply to them, not to be cold. Falling position or bad words, does this add to the conflict between security and owners?
During the time of meeting unfriendly owners or visitors, the security staff remember not to be angry, to keep calm and not to argue with them, to remember that security is a service for every security service, so that if the other party is complaining at a time of patience and exhortation, it is impossible to convey to the boss, not to rub it on the surface. Otherwise, it's only the security guard himself
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